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For Immediate Release: Western Shield Label Company Acquires Label Print Technologies - Mogadore, Ohio, March 2020

Western Shield Label Company
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For Immediate Release: Western Shield Label Company acquires Label Print Technologies.

Rancho Dominguez, CA 3/2/2020 – Western Shield Label Company has today announced the acquisition of Label Print Technologies (LPT). Providing a range of complementary flexographic and digital label printing, the Mogadore, OH based company supports Western Shield’s continued growth plans and increases their presence in Ohio and the Midwest.

“We welcome Jodi and her team to the Western Shield family. Label Print Technologies provides a very exciting opportunity for Western Shield”, explains Nizar Elias CEO of Western Shield. “The 2nd location in the Midwest greatly increases our capacity and capabilities in the region as well as offering a new breadth of products and services to LPT’s existing client base.”

Jodi Westphal, President of LPT, also commented on the acquisition adding “Merging with Western Shield provides us with a major growth opportunity in terms of pursuing new business and offering additional products to our current clients. With the stability and backing of Western Shield, LPT employees and customers will benefit from improved capabilities, products, services and innovation. We are genuinely thrilled to be joining Nizar and the team.”

About Western Shield:

Since 1970, Western Shield Label Company has been providing high end, custom printed labels and packaging for manufacturers, distributors, and brokers in Southern California and throughout the United States, Mexico & Canada. Western Shield specializes in Expanded Content Labels, Instant Redeemable Coupons, and 10 color work. Western Shield has locations in Dallas, TX, Middletown OH, and is headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, CA. For more information on Western Shield Label Company, please call 1-866-975-2235 or visit www.westernshield.com.

About Label Print Technologies:

Label Print Technologies has been partnering with customers in the specialty food and beverage industry since 2011. Leveraging digital print capabilities, a new flexographic press and a “Can do” attitude, LPT offers some of the shortest lead times in the Midwest. LPT specializes in adhesive technology solutions for demanding applications. LPT is located in Mogadore, Ohio, in the greater Cleveland area. For more information on Label Print Technologies, please call 800-475-4030 or visit www.labelprinttech.com.

Label Print Technologies Launches a New Website - Mogadore, Ohio, June 2019

Label Print Technologies Launches a New Website

Mogadore, Ohio, June 2019 – Label Print Technologies announced today that it has launched a new and improved website.  www.Labelprinttech.com, The new design is geared towards providing customers an easier way of quoting and communicating with the company, as well as additional product information.  The website features a fresher look as well as numerous pictures of product samples and product listings.

Label Print Technologies is a leading coater and converter of specialty food labels and beverage labels in Northeast Ohio.  We specialize in providing the perfect label solution for product labels, thermal labels and thermal ribbons, and scale labels.

Label Print Technologies Featured in DPS Magazine September 2015

Featured in DPS Magazine September 2015


When Mogadore, OH-based Label Print Technologies began looking for a digital press to complement its existing traditional flexographic label presses in early 2014, it had a major requirement—it needed to work with the materials the company coats in house.

In business since 2011, the company staffs 33 in a 50,000 square foot space and specializes in labels for the food and beverage industry. While it sells nationwide, most business is conducted in the Midwest. With the mentality, “if you have a label problem, we can solve it,” its custom coating capabilities are a major factor in creating unique solutions for its clients.

As such, paper compatibility was key when it evaluated digital presses to add to the shop. After much debate, it chose the Epson SurePress L-4033AW in August 2015, as it met its top criteria—being able to print to the company’s own coated materials.

Of course other elements of the Epson appeal to Label Print Technologies, like how it is ideal for the firm’s small to mid-size customers. “The press features a steady gamut and repeatedly. We have to hit customers’ colors, as we are helping them build their brands,” explains Jodi Westphal, president, Label Print Technologies.

The Epson SurePress L-4033AW helps the company land accounts due to the nature of quick turnaround requests—the luxury of no plate changes expedites the print process. It handle 50 or 500 labels and the press runs best when a couple 1,000 feet of material is run consecutively.

When it comes to deciding whether to use the flexographic or digital press on a job, there are two main points addressed, number of skews and the job levels of the printers. “Our goal is to find a solution that is the best fit for the customer,” admits Westphal.

Other variables that effect the decision include if it’s a spot color job, but plates are already on file, then it will run on flexographic. Or if a five million label, ten-color job comes in, digital just can’t absorb that type of volume and it will print flexography as well.

Label Print Technologies is pleased with the current work on the Epson SurePress L-4033AW and its customers are as well. Upholding the vision of helping solve label problems, the press’ ability to run one label without a plate cost is a popular selling feature.

“A customer can do four or five concepts and present all of those labels to their customer to better sell it, it’s a win-win for everyone,” she concludes.

News From Screen GP Americas

News From Screen GP Americas

“We use the Truepress Jet L350UV to help our customers build their brand. It’s a terrific piece of equipment, great for production… and a win for us and our customers in cost savings.”

Label and Narrow Web – Label Print Technologies – September 2015

Label and Narrow Web – Label Print Technologies – September 2015

Steve Katz, Editor09.07.15

Label Print Technologies
3380 Gilchrist Rd, Mogadore, OH 44260 USA


The Label Print Technologies team with its new Screen Truepress.

Outside of work, Jodi Westphal is a runner. Her company, Label Print Technologies, embodies her fast-moving competitive spirit, and is sprinting into its next phase of growth.

At only four years old, Label Print Technologies is a “teenager,” describes Westphal. She says, “We’re a fairly young company, but we’re aggressive and have a future with endless possibilities – and we like to have fun.”


Westphal, who runs the company as president, is one of six on Label Print Technologies’ ownership team. Apart from her, the other owners hail from a small, boutique private equity firm – and they all share the same vision. “I have some terrific investment partners,” Westphal says. “They’re smart, diverse and have great bank relationships. And they’re also entrepreneurs, which is excellent because they have an understanding of what it takes to succeed.”


The Epson SurePress L-4033AW digital label press

Label Print Technologies emerged from the remnants of US Label in May 2011 with 11 full time employees – the six that stayed with Westphal and then an additional five more. In its 50,000 square foot manufacturing space, equipment-wise, the new company started with the assets from US Label – five flexo presses (1990s era Aquaflex and Webtron machines), plate making equipment, an AB Graphic Omega finishing unit, and a large inventory of solid dies.

With an aggressive approach to sales strategy, the young company has leveraged its conventional printing assets to reach annual sales growth of more than $1 million. Label Print Technologies focuses primarily on food and beverage markets, serving customers mostly local to Ohio and the greater Midwest.


Today there are 31 employees at Label Print Technologies, and about one third work in the sales department.

Westphal has a distinct sales philosophy that she instills in her sales team – and it’s driving the company forward. “We’re hunters,” she says. “We hunt. When you look at label companies, you’re either a hunter or a nurturer. Nurturers are great, but they’re not fixated on a lot of growth. They’re happy, they service their customers well, and their customers have been with them forever. These are our toughest competitors because they have such great relationships with their customers that can go back generations.

“Those are the nurturers, but we’re the hunters. We’re making calls every day, putting in hours upon hours of phone time. We’re always on the hunt. Each of our sales people is tasked with closing four new accounts per month. We say, ‘one a day,’ just like a vitamin,” she says, adding, “We’re getting a lot of young people to come work for us – recent college graduates – and we’re teaching them how to sell. We incentivize our sales people and recognize the new account winners. And as we’re building our sales team, we’re mixing in technical experts with aggressive, young go-getters.”

Label Print Technologies is service oriented and prides itself in its ability to help customers grow their businesses. In addition to growing its sales department, the company is also actively adding graphic arts specialists. There are a number of full- and part-time label designers on staff. Explains Westphal, “Part of what we’re doing is redesigning labels for our customers, and not only is it profitable, it’s also something fun. We run a promotion where we offer two free hours of design, where we can help customers rebrand their products.


Label Print Technologies provides customers with custom-made pressure sensitive materials.

“A lot of our clients are small food manufacturers,” she explains. “And being able to assist them with the design aspect of their labels is really important to them, because they often don’t have anyone in-house to do it. So that’s part of our go-to-market strategy. We have very talented designers and graphic artists here, and with our new presses, we can easily share with customers samples and press proofs of new designs.”

Digital Double Team
Label Print Technologies has two new presses, making the transition from flexo to digital, while ushering in its next phase of growth. The company is not just dipping its toes in the digital waters, they’re jumping right in, installing two different digital presses from different vendors in only eight months time. Both presses are based on inkjet technology, yet they each have distinct, complementary benefits they provide.

In January 2015, the company installed its first digital asset, opting for an Epson SurePress L-4033AW digital label press. Westphal emphasizes that in addition to customer demands for higher quality labels, the SurePress’ ease of use was also a key factor in it being selected. 

“We got to a point where we were uncovering opportunities we couldn’t produce on our flexographic presses, so we went looking and found the SurePress,” says Westphal. “The SurePress is easy to use, accurate, can spot color match, and allows us to utilize our in-house manufactured pressure sensitive material. The wide color gamut and additional White ink have allowed us to produce complicated labels and designs that meet customer demands. We love the exactness of the print, the crispness of the image, and the color gamut on the SurePress is stunning – we’ve had the ability to spec in a very wide range of colors for our customers.”

After being in business for two years and experiencing such a rapid growth trajectory, Westphal knew a press acquisition was imminent. “We looked at both digital and flexo and we studied our options for over a year. We went to Labelexpo in 2014 in Chicago, and after looking at a few different technologies, we took a step back and examined not only the skillset required for each printing process, but also the workforce. It’s not easy finding a great flexo press operator. And when a company does find one, they never let them go,” she says.

Tasked with operating the new SurePress is Label Print Technologies’ maintenance technician, who has since been trained by Epson. Westphal notes that when they first installed the press, having longtime flexo press operators running it presented a challenge. “We had a lot to learn. One of the first things we learned was that any sort of color-matching has to take place in the graphics – not on-press as is the case with flexo. An operator moving from flexo to digital is really an interesting transition – it’s complicated. Flexo is an art. With digital, there’s still art, but it’s in the background of the process, with the artistry happening on the prepress end. And the beauty of the Epson is that it is absolutely reproducible. Once a job is in, it’s in – and a job looks exactly the same every time it’s recalled.”

While Label Print Technologies got its start and grew as a flexo label shop, Westphal sees the company’s future being driven by inkjet technology. She says, “I truly believe that in five years time, the pressure sensitive label industry will be an inkjet marketplace.”The SurePress excels at producing high-quality labels on a wide range of different substrates, qualities that made it an attractive first digital investment. However, in looking for a second digital inkjet press, Westphal had speed in mind, and set out looking for a machine that could print high quality labels at speeds that rival her flexo presses. So in August 2015 Label Print Technologies added its second inkjet asset, becoming the fifth converter in North America to install a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV press. The press accommodates a maximum printing width of 12.6″ and prints at a top speed of 164 feet per minute resulting in productivity of 173.2 square feet of labels per minute.

“Overall, in comparison, the speed of the Screen Truepress is equal to, if not better than flexo, especially when you take into account that there’s no setup times like there is with flexo,” Westphal says.

 Aquaflex flexo presses in Label Print Technologies’ pressroom

The shift to digital is already paying off. “I recently had a new customer tell me that they’re buying from us because they change their labels so often and they don’t want to pay for plates,” she says. “And for customers that have labels that run flexo, if they have a new design, concept or specialty product and want to see one of their containers with a finished label, we can give them the actual label, and with no waste.”


Label Print Technologies now offers stock thermal imaging ribbons - Mogadore, Ohio, January 31, 2014

Label Print Technologies now offers stock thermal imaging ribbons

Mogadore, Ohio, January 31, 2014 – Label Print Technologies has strategically partnered with one of the country’s largest manufacturers of thermal imaging ribbons. We will now offer industry leading prices on thermal ribbons thermal ribbons for Datamax, Intermec, Printonix, Sato, and Zebra printers.

We look forward to further servicing our customers with this new addition to our product offerings. With tiered pricing, customers can increase the savings they receive through increasing the quantity ordered through our bracketed quantity offerings. Request a quote today, and see firsthand the cost savings our company can provide you on all of your thermal imaging ribbon and pressure sensitive labeling needs.

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